Those stuck watching the Democratic debate on CBS Saturday night heard candidate Bernie Sanders add his name to the list of “climate change causes terrorism” believers, a large number of whom have wormed their way into the Obama administration. At least Sanders (and the other Democrat candidates) dropped the topic of terrorism like a hot rock, but former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg is dedicated to the cause.

Bloomberg, along with Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo, is co-chair of Conference Of Parties (#COP21), and he really wants people to come to his party in Paris. But wait: when Bloomberg says “support Paris” and #NousSommesUnis, he is referring to the barbaric terrorist attacks across the city on Friday, right?

Why does the link in Bloomberg’s tweet about standing with the people of Paris point to a Newsweek article entitled, “Rich Cities Are Outsourcing Their Pollution to the Poor”? Apparently because he doesn’t want an inconveniently timed terrorist massacre to ruin his climate change summit. Wouldn’t it be better to postpone until the city has gotten back on its feet?

Here’s Nicolas Haeringer of on the group’s plans in light of the terrorist attacks:

“The tragedy in Paris has only strengthened our resolve. This movement for climate justice has always also been a movement for peace – a way for people around the world to come together, no matter their background or religion, and fight to protect our common home.

“We can think of few better responses to violence and terror than this movement’s push for peace and hope. No matter the final plans for the march in Paris, we urge people to join other Global Climate Marches around the world to show their solidarity and support – there couldn’t be a more important time to push for climate justice, and the peace it can help bring.”

The President of the European Council thinks the talks are a great way to show terrorists that nothing can stop the world’s leaders from joining together to stop climate change once and for all.