As the remaining Democratic candidates for president prepare for tonight’s debate in Iowa, several GOP candidates took their turn to speak at the #SunshineSummit in Orlando, Fla., this morning and afternoon. What might be called the “first stringers” in the Republican race spoke yesterday, before Friday’s terrorist attacks on the people of Paris refocused the world’s attention on Islamic terror.

Gov. Chris Christie reportedly trashed his prepared speech and wrote a new one from scratch.

Christie obviously wasn’t the only candidate to address the horrific attack on Paris; however, Gov. John Kasich kicked things off with a remark that rung a little too closely to President Obama’s declaration that the United States would defeat ISIS with “better ideas.”

Gov. Bobby Jindal spoke not only about Paris but about the recent rash of college protests and the ongoing controversy over immigration.

Rand Paul targeted Washington as well as terrorism, citing the national debt and calling for term limits.

Rick Santorum was particularly hawkish in his presentation.

Up last was Carly Fiornia, who angrily noted that President Obama had just declared ISIS “contained.”

Just three months ago, President Obama fired up Air Force One for a cross-country trip to Las Vegas for the National Clean Energy Summit, where he declared to the audience that “no challenge poses a greater threat to our future than climate change.” In light of last night’s terrorist attacks, will the Democratic candidates at tonight’s debate finally call him out the president his global warming obsession?

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