According to the Washington Post, an undercover video shot at a pork processing plant by a member of the group Compassion Over Killing has led the USDA to “aggressively investigate” the “appalling and completely unacceptable” actions depicted in the video. By law, reports the Washington Post,”pigs are supposed to be rendered unconscious before being killed, but many are shown writhing in apparent pain.”

An edited version of the undercover video has been posted to YouTube, while a copy of the full, 97-minute unedited video was sent to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Also having seen both versions of the video is Quality Pork Processors, which told the Post that “the edited film makes it look as though there were violations when, in fact, there were none.” There’s no word yet if QPP will commission a frame-by-frame forensic analysis of the video.

At Twitchy reported in August, the New York Times editorial board denounced the “campaign of deception” against Planned Parenthood by the Center for Medical Progress, which released 11 undercover videos revealing organ harvesting and other atrocities, but argued in favor of secret taping of animal industries. The Washington Post seems to share a similar policy.

Reporter Roberto Ferdman insists he watched the entire unedited 97-minuted video, as did the USDA. The government evidently felt the cruelty on display was worth the time to watch the complete video.

Just for the record, the 11th video from the Center for Medical Progress showed Planned Parenthood’s Austin, Texas abortion doctor describing a partial-birth abortion procedure to terminate living, late-term fetuses in the hope of yielding intact fetal heads for brain harvesting. Sen. Barbara Boxer admitted to not watching the videos because “they’re doctored, and they were done in secret, and to me, that’s the worst of the worst.” Will she go on the attack against Compassion Over Killing?