Hard-hitting investigative reporter Katie Couric has freed herself from the shackles of network TV and now serves as Yahoo’s global news anchor. (Yes, Yahoo has a global news anchor.) She recently put her skills to work at a Planned Parenthood facility in New York, where she interviewed Cecile Richards and was given a tour of the facility, so the public can see for themselves what an abortion treatment room “really looks like.”

There seems to be a technical problem with Planned Parenthood’s tweet, but the “heavily edited” video with Couric can be seen on Yahoo.


Reporter Sarah Boxer sets up the video with a brief written piece in which she reports that, “While nearly 100 percent of the controversy surrounding Planned Parenthood involves its abortion practices, the group says that abortions account for only 3 percent of the services it provides.”

Actually, it’s difficult to break down the individual percentages when talking about the controversy surrounding Planned Parenthood’s abortion practices. Is it the abortions themselves, the late term abortions, the nearly half-a-billion dollars in tax money that flows to the organization annually, or the extra income Planned Parenthood makes by manipulating abortion techniques to harvest organs and body parts for sale.