As President Obama met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the White House today, protesters of every stripe carried signs, blocked streets around the White House and scrawled their slogans on the pavement with sidewalk chalk. New York Times photographer Stephen Crowley noted that the activists were “pro-Palestinian, anti-white privilege, #blacklivesmatter” advocates, but even that doesn’t cover the spectrum of ways the real world has failed these idealists.

Environmentalist Bill McKibben, founder of the climate change hysteria outpost, was the primary organizer behind much of today’s chaos, having millennials unite under the hashtag, #OurGenerationOurChoice, which was open to climate change alarmists and liberal fellow travelers.

Ben & Jerry’s helpfully summed up the big liberal swirl of issues on parade with its tweet of support.

So, what’s the name of the new Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor that raises awareness of racial, climate and immigration justice? All we know is it has to be full of nuts.

Like a giant outdoor Twister game?

Netanyahu might be in town, but Jews protesting in favor of Palestine picked a bad day to hold their White House protest.