Presidential candidate Ben Carson, under fire after Politico published (and then stealth edited) a piece on Carson’s West Point “fabrications,” has been firing back at a frantic press, asking why they still have shown no curiosity about President Obama’s sealed academic records seven full years into his presidency.

The liberal media isn’t dragging its feet on the latest scandal to plague Sen. Marco Rubio, headlined by the Tampa Bay Times as, “Marco Rubio spent lavishly on a GOP credit card, but some transactions are still secret.” Keep in mind, this is the same candidate whom the New York Times criticized for buying a luxury speedboat (actually a fishing boat that could fit comfortably in Hillary Clinton’s Chappaqua swimming pool) and a showy Ford F-150 SUV.

Politico’s hit pieces yesterday didn’t quite hit, and the site is taking a different tack today by disputing that Rubio “spent lavishly” on a GOP credit card.

Former Obama spokesman Tommy Vietor tweeted yesterday that Rubio should just “Dump the facts” and “Get it over with.” How do you like your nothingburger, Tommy?