As Twitchy reported, The Guardian on Saturday ran a photo spread of GOP candidate Ben Carson’s home in Maryland, along with a piece titled, “Ben Carson: inside the worldview of a political conundrum.”

In that piece, writer Tom McCarthy makes note that the Carson campaign was “rocked on Friday by an admission that he had invented a story about being offered a full scholarship to West Point military academy.”

That sentence links to The Guardian’s own 1,300-word piece on the West Point “scandal” broken by Politico. And just as Politico “stealth edited” its headline to remove the word “fabricated,” the epic Guardian exposé, also written by McCarthy, appends an editor’s note:

Correction, 6 November 2015: The original headline and first paragraph of this story misstated the extent of what Ben Carson’s campaign had admitted. This has been corrected

So the writer for The Guardian used the Politico piece as his source, changed the headline and first paragraph on Friday just as Politico did, and then repeated the following day the original claim that Carson had “invented a story”?

Fox News’ Brit Hume today asserts that a piece called “Insiders: Carson can’t win” could very well be true, but adds that Politico is the last publication that ought to be reporting it today, having been caught Friday trying to quietly “fix” its hit piece on Carson.

Will there be another hit piece on Carson tomorrow, after his appearance on “Face the Nation”? Or will Politico and the rest take Sunday off?

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