Gizmodo must have thought it had a great scoop the other day when it discovered video (from CNN) showing gun rights advocate Sen. Ted Cruz carrying his shotgun “backwards” while pheasant hunting. Talking Points Memo picked up on the story as well, also accusing Cruz of holding his shotgun backwards.

Wonkette didn’t publish its piece on Cruz and his disregard for gun safety until today, likely because executive editor Kaili Joy Gray managed to wring out more than 900 words to author a post entitled, “Ted Cruz Doesn’t Care If He ‘Accidentally’ Blows Off Someone’s Head With A Shotgun.”

It’s that same photo we saw yesterday, of “Cruz demonstrating how to ‘accidentally’ kill someone, maybe in that farmhouse not far behind him. Oops, bang bang, sorry, kid — you’re dead.”

“Anyone who has had even a second of firearm safety training can recite the rules for you,” continues Gray, who then links to Gizmodo’s piece as the definitive authority on safe firearms handling.

Wow, Cruz is such a numbskull he managed to break a shotgun while hunting! Time for a scathing follow-up post.