If there are two things about which there is nothing funny at all, they are College Humor and sexual assault. And yet College Humor today served up a series of dead-serious tweets about rape, along with an allegedly humorous video starring Jake Johnson and a bear.

Don’t bother rushing to YouTube to argue the premise of the video with College Humor; comments have been disabled for some reason.

We knew that the #ItsOnUs campaign came from the White House and was targeted toward men specifically, but we’d completely forgotten last fall’s celebrity studded video introducing yet another initiative relying on the power of hashtag.

We’re not sure who decided it was time to resurrect the #ItsOnUs campaign, but the timing wasn’t ideal. Between last year’s video and this year’s, reports issued by Harvard University and the University of Miami determined that the 1-in-5 statistic was “unfounded.”

The bear attack movie also comes directly on the heels of news that NHL star Patrick Kane, accused of sexual assault, won’t face rape charges after all.

If the White House does want to tackle sexual assault, it’s on them to get the statistics right or risk casting further doubt on a very serious subject.