New Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau was sworn in today along with his cabinet, for which Trudeau has been widely praised. Why? Because the liberal Trudeau made a concerted effort to achieve true gender equity in his cabinet, which comprises 15 women and 16 men. (OK, it’s not exactly equal, but maybe he can create a new cabinet position to solve that problem.)

How big a deal is gender equity? Feminist site Jezebel declared that Trudeau’s half-female cabinet is the “international hunk’s” sexiest feature.

NBC News’ Luke Russert was equally smitten by Trudeau as he gave a brilliant answer to those asking why he made sure his cabinet was 50 percent female.

What was that brilliant answer? “Because it’s 2015.”

Global Montreal, just another objective network covering the swearing-in ceremony, declared Trudeau’s “outstanding” answer a “mic drop” moment.

Pity those hate-filled conservatives who were less than impressed with Trudeau’s quota approach to filling government positions.

Let’s hope. Barack Obama campaigned on a platform of “hope,” for what it’s worth.

Female pundits, too.

Mic drop.