Dylan Byers, now of CNN, thought he had a big scoop on his hands when he uncovered a Washington Beacon reporter’s donation to the Donald Trump campaign. It turns out reporter Andrew Stiles did drop more than $500 on Trump baseball caps for the Beacon staff as props for a joke photo shoot — not exactly a Pulitzer-worthy discovery.

Twitchy publishes plenty of posts about the lapdog media, but these so-called journalists are usually sucking up to politicians who’ve already been elected. Byers had another hot scoop today about an ABC journalist and her unprofessional encounter with a certain lap.

Ugh, us too.


As can be seen in the photo caption, though, Spencer clarifies that she’s not sitting on Trump’s lap at all, just standing next to him.

The cropping on the photo, though, doesn’t allow us to see what’s going on down below, and we don’t know whom to believe: the ABC reporter or the CNN reporter? It turns out there’s more to this non-story:

@goodmorningamerica's #GMAHalloween show is the opposite of low energy. In fact. It's gonna be HUUUUGE

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That could be considered quite the coincidence, if we hadn’t seen about a million Donald Trumps scroll down our Twitter timeline on Halloween night. So, where does this investigation stand?

Maybe a second shooter will emerge from the grassy knoll with a photo of the controversial scene from another angle.