Seattle Times investigative reporter Mike Baker has uncovered a prime example of bad timing. In April, Chipotle made a huge media splash by declaring that the chain had completed removing all genetically modified ingredients from its foods.

Unfortunately, doctors believe Chipotle restaurants in the Pacific Northwest have been adding E. coli to their meals, prompting the chain to close every single location in Washington State and some in Portland, Ore., while health officials investigate.

Sorry, no $3 boo-rito specials for you.

Baker reports that at least 22 people have been sickened with the E. coli bacteria. Of the 19 who became ill in Washington State, 17 had eaten at a Chipotle restaurant in mid-October.

As far as bad timing, the same chain that was nearly universally celebrated for going GMO-free had released a Halloween-themed spot touting that there are no “unneces-scary” ingredients in its meals.

“Enter the nightmare of one Chipotle customer who discovers what Chipotle would be like if we served typical processed fast food rather than cooking by hand …,” reads the description.

Our nightmare right now consists of where those hands have been.