Who doesn’t love solar panels? Maybe you even took the advice of the U.S. Department of Energy and dressed up as a solar panel this Halloween.

President Obama is certainly a fan. In July, he announced a plan to triple his administration’s goal for installing renewable energy for low- and moderate-income housing. It would be a win-win; the plan would create jobs for solar panel manufacturers and installers, and the poor would enjoy cheap electricity.

Candidate Bernie Sanders jumped on board too, saying he’d create a fund that would help make solar panels available to low-income families, woman- or minority-owned small businesses, Indian tribal lands, the Appalachia region and Alaskan native communities.

Before installing all of those solar panels on low-income housing, a second look into their safety might be in order. The Boston Fire Department tweeted yesterday that a malfunctioning solar panel started a fire on the roof of a five-story building.

That’s a lot of money for clean, cheap power.

Again, why a solar panel malfunctioned might be worth looking into before this president or the next spends billions outfitting tightly spaced low-income apartments with similar technology.