As Twitchy reported yesterday, the Normandy Police Department, located very near Ferguson, Mo., announced that an 18-year-old had shot himself once after exchanging fire with police officers. The teen had shot at police first, and after a failed attempt to use a Taser, police returned fire but missed. Then teen then ran off and attempted to take his life with a single gunshot that left him in critical condition.

Instantaneously, word began to spread throughout the neighborhood and on social media that police had shot and killed the teen. Amateur video of the victim’s father shot after the incident showed him insisting that officers from the Ferguson Police Department had shot his son.

A report from the St. Louis County Police Department issued this afternoon has doctors confirming that Armonderez Green, who died of his wounds early Thursday morning, had only one self-inflicted wound under his chin.


The St. Louis County Police Department released its own statement on the incident right around the same time this afternoon, confirming initial reports that the suspect originally interacted with the Ferguson Police Department at the request of his immediate family as a probable CIT [Crisis Intervention Team] case. Normandy police were later called in because “the suspect was suicidal and refused to communicate with family members who had discovered him walking in this area.”

The statement adds that only one officer returned fire during the incident, and the three shells were recovered from a yard in the neighborhood. Now to calmly await the results of the autopsy.

As the police said, the autopsy hasn’t been performed yet, only scheduled.

Three shots, according to the report. Green reportedly fired at several police but missed them as well, instead hitting houses behind them.

DeRay Mckesson, who has dedicated his recent efforts to shopping a package of law enforcement restrictions called Campaign Zero around Washington and having his students read “In Defense of Looting”, appears to have entered the conversation and then promptly deleted his contribution.

Just what the police need; another unfounded allegation making the rounds on Twitter.