For better or worse, presidential candidate Donald Trump says what he thinks, such as when he told a Rolling Stone interviewer his thoughts about Carly Fiorina’s chances: “Look at that face! Would anyone vote for that? Can you imagine that? The face of our next president?” Trump’s not quick to apologize, but he did apply a bit of spin to his own comment, saying he was referring to Fiorina’s persona and not her looks.

Trump’s final word on the topic? During the second GOP debate, he declared, “I think she has a very beautiful face, and she’s a beautiful woman.” A nice compliment, but still sexist.

After last night’s third GOP debate, the hosts of ABC’s “The View” decided for some reason it was time to revive the subject: not the subject of sexism, but of Fiorina’s looks.

No, the women of “The View” can’t do better, and there’s no indication they’ve tried. The last time they caught our attention was when Joy Behar ridiculed a Miss America contestant who is also a nurse for wearing “a doctor’s stethoscope” on stage.

That comment cost the show several major sponsors; let’s see if the trend continues.