How do you solve a problem like high school assistant football coach Joe Kennedy? Kennedy found himself under investigation by the Bremerton School District in Washington because of his nine-year ritual of praying on the 50-yard-line after each game, win or lose. District policy states that “school staff shall neither encourage nor discourage” students from praying, though players, cheerleaders and fans often joined him.

Fortunately, Kennedy wasn’t fired, but on the condition that his post-game prayer become a post-game speech free of any religious overtones. Unfortunately, things have changed since last month, and word is that Kennedy has been placed on paid administrative leave.

The school district yesterday released a four-page Q&A addressing the legal aspects of Kennedy’s suspension, which reads in part:

The prayer sessions with students clearly violated the Establishment Clause. The District cannot allow students’ rights to be violated simply because none of them complain. Embedded in the federal court precedent discussed above is the reasonable expectation that students will feel coerced to go along with religious activity that is led or endorsed by their teachers and coaches. It is very likely that over the years, players have joined in these activities because to do otherwise would mean potentially alienating themselves from their team, and possibly their coaches.

Not everyone has forgotten.

The Satanic Temple’s most recent Facebook post says that “since the school has stopped the coach from praying on the field, we no longer intend to hold our Satanic invocation tonight at the game.” Plus, it’s quite a haul from Seattle.

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The satanists made it! Hooray?

Is the woman with the goat horns a satanist or a Rams fan at the wrong game?