Violence has so escalated in Israel that Secretary of State John Kerry was dispatched to the region last week to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas. Kerry sat down with Netanyahu in Berlin and asked that he “tone down” the rhetoric that was inflaming the public.

No sale, not even with the world’s greatest negotiator in the room. Do you suppose Netanyahu’s still sore about the Iran deal?

Today, Rep. Keith Ellison tweeted that Netanyahu must stop inciting violence, citing a link to the left-wing newspaper Haaretz.

“Instead of inciting against Israel’s Arab citizens,” writes Haaretz in an editorial, “the prime minister and his ministers would do well to act to calm things down and adopt a different policy, which regards Arabs as equal citizens, not a fifth column undermining the state.”

Oddly, at no point does the editorial make mention of the rash of stabbings that Palestinians have perpetrated recently, nor does it mention the Palestinian man who drove his vehicle into a crowd of people waiting at a bus stop and then attacked the wounded with a meat cleaver.

Obviously Netanyahu and his violent rhetoric is to blame for that attack. In the meantime, the New York Times reports that the hottest new CDs in the region contain songs such as “It’an, It’an” (“Stab, Stab”), “Intifada of Knives,” and “Run Over, Run Over the Settler.”

Nothing inciting violence there. And let’s not forget the parents who just named their newborn, “Knife of Jerusalem.” Or this Sept. 2 tweet on the Iran deal from an award-winning American journalist.

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