Hillary Clinton’s Katy Perry concert, featuring opening act Bill Clinton, was a hit with Katy Perry fans. After her performance, Perry did a quick wardrobe change and took some more “historic” selfies with Clinton before tonight’s Jefferson Jackson Dinner in Des Moines.

(Note that the official hashtag for Clinton supporters at tonight’s event is #HillYes.)

Look! A birthday present too.

It’s difficult to say. Huma Abedin isn’t the best at, say, noticing large, unearned deposits to her bank account.

So what was man of the people Bernie Sanders up to while Clinton was making history with a selfie? Just leading his people out of the desert, or more precisely, across the Women of Achievement Pedestrian Bridge, helping carry his own banner.

Speaking of signs and war, would Sanders like to address this banner?

Republicans are always held responsible for what their supporters say; does Sanders endorse this sign?

Transforming America? Why does that ring an alarm bell?

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