As Twitchy reported, first lady Michelle Obama quietly kicked off a new educational initiative yesterday called #BetterMakeRoom, the purpose of which is “to celebrate education and give students a creative space while navigating the college-going process.” Yesterday’s launch might have flown under the radar, but Michelle Obama’s new public awareness campaign attracted a much larger crowd today, as she appeared at the University of Akron with Cleveland Cavalier LeBron James.

Ironically, in her comments yesterday at the White House, the first lady made it a point to steer young people toward a practical college education and away from dreams of being the next overnight star in Hollywood, or in the NBA.

James has long promoted education and has pledged to give perhaps thousands of young people full scholarships to the University of Akron through his LeBron James Fam­ily Found­a­tion. However, James never attended college himself, choosing to join the NBA directly after graduating high school.

Speaking of, how is the president’s plan to grant responsible, hard-working students two years of free community college coming along? It’s been a while.

While they’re making room, the people behind the Better Make Room website might want to consider a replacement for Ahmed “Clock Kid” Mohamad, who has decided to leave the United States and take his talents to Qatar, where he’s been granted a scholarship to the country’s Young Innovators Program.

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How did the students on campus react to this one-of-a-kind visit?

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