No one in the media really cared what Vice President Joe Biden had to say today about climate change, now that “sources” have said that Biden will indeed be jumping into the 2016 presidential race.

Still, the subject of today’s “White House Summit on Climate and the Road through Paris” was climate change, “the most consequential issue of our time,” and the vice president took the usual shots at  … consults Associated Press Stylebook …  those who reject mainstream science.


But enough with the extensive research findings and statistics; Biden has other issues on his mind. It almost looks like a mini campaign speech.

Hold on … isn’t this the same person who, during the height of the gun control debate, advised Americans searching for a means of self-defense to “buy a shotgun if you want to feel safe,” and to “just fire the shotgun through the door” if you suspect an intruder is lurking outside your home?

Not that he has a chance against Biden should he choose to run, but candidate Martin O’Malley today challenged his fellow candidates to ban the government from buying guns that don’t integrate “the latest and best safety technology.”


Again, we suspect most mainstream reports on today’s speech will highlight any hints that Biden is going to enter the race in the next few days. That’s a shame, because most people will miss out on this very Bidenesque quote.

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