As voters in Louisiana head to the polls next weekend, this is story we’d encourage readers to ingest with a grain of salt. Taegan Goddard of reports today that gubernatorial candidate Sen. David Vitter (R-La.) urged a prostitute with whom he had a three-year relationship to have an abortion when they learned she was four months pregnant. She reportedly refused, and chose to reveal the story now because she is “terminally ill with an advanced form of lupus” and wants to set the record straight.

A video and interview with Wendy Ellis, the woman in question, appears at American Zombie, self-described as “Independent Investigative Journalism and Commentary from New Orleans.”

What’s not in question is that Vitter’s opponents have all jumped on the story and issued statements.

Maybe; we still haven’t seen how the Vitter campaign will respond.

* * *

Update: A member of the Vitter campaign has responded to the allegations with a very brief statement.

We’re not the experts, but is it really the best idea to deny allegations of an illegitimate child by saying the story has “zero legitimacy”?