Most would call it fair to say that candidate Lincoln Chafee did not win last night’s presidential debate. As Twitchy noted, the Washington Post’s Kathleen Parker and many others on Twitter were less concerned with Chafee’s policy positions than they were fascinated by his resemblance to TV’s Grandpa Munster.

Parker suggested that her tweet might be “too mean,” but others thought it was nothing compared to Wolf Blitzer’s treatment of Chafee today. The Washington Post’s Aaron Blake notes that CNN’s Blitzer, interviewing Chafee, inserted some serious concern-trolling into the discussion.

Blake writes:

… After showing some of the brutal headlines aimed at Chafee’s debate performance, Blitzer offered this:

“Here’s what worries me, Governor: Because of your distinguished career, you’re going to wind up looking silly if you keep going on like this.” Blitzer then pressed Chafee on when he would give up the charade and drop out.

Will Blitzer ask Hillary Clinton if she will drop out of the race if it looks like she’ll be indicted?

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