Fox News was assured huge ratings — huge! — when poll results decided that Donald Trump would take center stage at the first Republican presidential debate. CNN doesn’t seem so sure it will be able to match those numbers. The obligatory CNN countdown clock has added some much-needed excitement, but it appears that the Democrats have more than simply a name recognition problem.

Not only that; all five declared candidates will be there.

That’s a pretty harsh assessment by U.S. News & World Report, but we honestly can’t disagree.

Though it looks as though the lectern reserved for Vice President Joe Biden will stay in storage, there will be five candidates on stage tonight. The Washington Post has released some last-minute videos to “introduce” the candidates to viewers, but we don’t know if Lincoln Chafee will appreciate the idea that his entire political biography can be viewed in 30 seconds “or less.”

Chafee might be happy to have those 30 seconds if he receives word of ABC News’ report on public awareness of the Democrat candidates.