We’re sure to hear plenty at CNN’s Democratic presidential debate about income inequality, but what we normally might let slide might just be looking back at us tomorrow morning — not in the bathroom mirror but on the breakfast plate.

The Washington Post’s “Wonkblog” today blows the freshly baked lid off of your delicious breakfast sandwich and how it’s a further indicator of income inequality in the United States. The problem, really, is the “upscalification” of what began as the working stiff’s cheap and portable morning meal.

“The growth of the more premium part of the market for breakfast sandwiches is something we’ve been looking at for a while,” said James Russo, who is the senior vice president of global consumer insights at Nielsen, a market research firm. “It’s really resonating with wealthier consumers.”

The awkward juxtaposition is particularly acute in a city like New York, where bodegas can be found on almost any block. At these convenience stores, people linger just outside, unwrapping freshly bought $3 egg sandwiches. Meanwhile, next door, or just across the street, others now wipe away stray breakfast sandwich egg yolk with cloth napkins.

Which raises the question: So what?



Deal with it. Those Gitmo detainees had to go somewhere …


If only we knew how.

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Editor’s note: We’ve changed “begs the question” to “raises the question.” Thanks to James Taranto for his keen eye.