Just to recap, “braying” right-wing conservatives have been lectured at least twice now for creating a “faux controversy” out of Prof. Anthea Butler referring to Ben Carson as “coon of the year.” Writers for both Mediaite and Salon have gone to great lengths to explain that 1) there’s nothing racist about the word “coon” (as long as a white person doesn’t utter it) and 2) black conservatives are essentially minstrels in black face.

Get ready for another lecture if you dare criticize California’s new law banning schools from having “Redskins” as their team name or mascot, essentially turning the entire state into a “safe space” for Black Lives Matter’s Shaun King and others who refuse to say the word. Reportedly, only four districts in the entire state currently use the name.

Gov. Jerry Brown signed the legislation Sunday, although it was the End of Life Option Act that caught the media’s attention.

Outgoing Education Secretary Arne Duncan tweeted his thanks to Brown, most likely for turning what should be a local decision into a state issue and leaving the federal government out of it.

Oddly, the Los Angeles Times reports that Brown vetoed a bill that would have banned public buildings from bearing the names of people associated with the Confederacy. Why would he veto that bill? Because naming public buildings is an issue “quintessentially for local decision makers.”

On Sunday, Brown also outlawed the use of chewing tobacco on the field of major league stadiums and legalized the use of electric skateboards.