The statue vandalizing craze really took off after the Confederate flag in South Carolina came down, and “activists” suddenly realized just how many statues they’d previously ignored were equally offensive. Three statues of Confederate generals on the campus of the University of Texas, Austin were spray-painted with “Black Lives Matter” and “Bump All The Chumps” graffiti.

Better yet, when a statue of a Confederate soldier was spray-painted with “Black Lives Matter,” officials in Rockville, Md., literally had an ugly plywood box built around it — all the better to spray-paint.

In honor of #IndigenousPeoplesDay, vandals in Detroit today took a hatchet to the head of a Christopher Columbus bust, complete with gushing blood from the head wound.

We’ll give credit to the Detroit vandals for their patience in waiting until today to do their damage; a statue of “murderous sociopath” Columbus in Boston was spray-painted with “Black Lives Matter” and drenched in red paint back in July. But back to Detroit.

It looks like electrical tape was involved, but vandalism isn’t really our specialty. Maybe we should take it up; people seem to really appreciate it.

The Columbus statue in Philadelphia stands on a tall pedestal, so vandals had to settle for this.

#DestroyWhiteness? What are they teaching kids in school today, to “dismantle whiteness?” They are? Oh, OK.