Here’s a bit of news that didn’t quite make it nationwide among the chaos in the House of Representatives. For as many times as Planned Parenthood has threatened to sue the Center for Medical Progress for releasing those “heavily edited” undercover videos showing organ harvesting and haggling over prices for baby parts, such a suit hasn’t materialized.

In Colorado yesterday, however, Chris McIntire, board member of the Faith & Freedom Coalition of Colorado, filed suit against Colorado State University and Rocky Mountain Planned Parenthood, claiming the two organizations purchased the tissue of aborted fetuses and indirectly used tax dollars to subsidize abortions, a violation of the state constitution.

The Denver Post reports that the suit alleges that in the spring of 2010, “CSU entered into a contract with defendant Rocky Mountain Planned Parenthood whereby CSU was to purchase parts of human fetuses aborted by defendant Rocky Mountain Planned Parenthood.”

CSU responded to the allegations, stating that “in accordance with state and federal law, CSU obtained placental tissue from Rocky Mountain Planned Parenthood for research into healthy pregnancies and also properly obtained fetal tissue from other providers for important research into curing disease. CSU denies any wrongdoing and otherwise declines to comment on pending litigation.”

Nicholas McIntyre, Executive Director of the Faith & Freedom Coalition of Colorado, appeared on AM 560 to discuss his organization’s actions.

Planned Parenthood had no comment on the lawsuit.