The campaign to find one remarkable (and deceased) American woman to honor on the redesigned $10 bill kicked off last summer, when Treasury Secretary Jack Lew asked for the public’s help in nominating a replacement for dead white cisgender male Alexander Hamilton. Lew received plenty of suggestions (sorry, Beyoncé is still alive and therefore doesn’t qualify) as well as complaints from legislators and citizens who wanted the $20 bill redesigned instead: who uses tens anymore?

For reasons we don’t understand, the Treasury Department has revived the campaign and flooded YouTube with cabinet secretaries promoting the redesign effort in a series of hostage videos.

Moments from a clean getaway, Common Core devotee Arne Duncan was tapped to record this:

Just the beginning? Lew explains that “the next generation of currency will revolve around the theme of democracy” and adds that currency “has long been a way to honor our past and express our values” — which we’re pretty sure means “In God We Trust” is history.

There are plenty of other videos out there, but we’d rather stick to the theme of democracy and go straight to the people.

Tough crowd. No one said a woman can’t be on the $20 bill too; all the denominations are being redone.

She’s still alive, but we hear she slays.

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