As Twitchy mentioned earlier, the Obama administration today jumped into the #FightFor15 minimum wage movement with both feet as part of its White House Summit on Worker Voice. President Obama addressed questions in a town hall meeting that was co-hosted by, a site which hosts workplace petitions, such as the critical #FreeTheBeard movement to update the oppressive dress code at the Publix grocery chain.

The president, who has had nearly seven years to address unemployment and job creation, threw his weight behind the #StartTheConvo initiative by speaking about the importance of unions, affordable health coverage and child care and flexible scheduling.

The president made no secret that he’s pro-union, even without having to use the word “union.”

He might want to check with the dues-paying teachers in the country’s largest labor union, many of whom are furious with NEA leadership for endorsing Hillary Clinton even before her first debate with Bernie Sanders. Or perhaps he could check with Baltimore’s police union, which just saw the city award a $6 million settlement to the family of Freddie Gray before the trials of the officers accused of his death have even begun.

What? That makes as much sense as his goal to “empower workers to give them a sense of possibility.”

#RaiseTheWage to what? The old proposal of $10.10? Is President Obama going to #FightFor15 or not?

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