New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd caused quite a stir back in August when, soon after the death of Vice President Joe Biden’s son Beau, she wrote a touching piece called “Joe Biden in 2016: What Would Beau Do?” She wrote of Beau Biden’s deathbed wish: for his father to run again for the White House:

When Beau was dying, the family got rubber bracelets in blue — his favorite color — that said “WWBD,” What Would Beau Do, honoring the fact that Beau was a stickler for doing the right thing.

Joe Biden knows what Beau wants. Now he just has to decide if it’s who he is.

We weren’t the only ones to wonder: How, exactly, would Dowd have any idea what Beau Biden’s dying wish was? We’re guessing she wasn’t in the room with a voice recorder and reporter’s notebook as he and his father spoke their final words to each other. So who gave Dowd such intimate, private information?

Politico reports today that it was Joe Biden himself who leaked the information, adding in its subheading, “The vice president is mourning. He’s also calculating.”

It sure is cynical. Politico theorizes that “in truth, Biden had effectively placed an ad in The New York Times, asking them to call.”

Biden’s office has responded to the Politico report, calling it both false and offensive.