Just hours after the deadly mass shooting on the campus of Umpqua Community College Thursday, President Obama emerged to deliver a speech shaming America for becoming numb to such preventable atrocities.

Many pointed out the shootings that occur routinely in cities like Chicago, which saw around 50 people shot last weekend and the weekend before that, none of which received a mention from the administration.

Hale Razor notes that Nobel Peace Prize recipient President Obama, who seemed personally offended by the #UCCShooting, has been relatively quiet about another senseless mass killing — this one taking the lives of at least nine Doctors Without Borders staff members.

* * *

Update: It took quite a while longer than the campus shooting response and wasn’t delivered by press conference, but President Obama did offer his condolences to those killed in a U.S. strike on a Doctors Without Borders hospital.

What’s this about waiting for the facts to be uncovered?