With news breaking that Russian-linked hackers made at least five attempts to deliver malware to Hillary Clinton’s private and unsecured email server via a malicious attachment disguised as a traffic citation, it turns out that a Daily Beast editor has been doing a better job spinning away the news than Hillary for America’s Brian Fallon, who is paid to do that sort of thing.

MSNBC’s reporter in charge of covering the GOP race just so happened to apply the same spin.

The fictional “just spam” scenario is catching on with Clinton fans. Who hasn’t received a ton of spam emails? — not including, of course, government and military personnel who communicate through secure servers.

Probably. And the hackers hardly ever get through, except for the ones who stole 5.6 million fingerprint files, or the ones who managed to get a hold of the personnel files and security clearance forms of around 20 million federal staffers, or the ones who broke into the Pentagon’s unclassified email system. LOL.

Or plans for Chelsea’s wedding, don’t forget. Or maybe something even more secret.