Sure, Democrats laughed when the rich nerd with the car elevator warned them that Russia and China were very likely attempting to hack into U.S. government computers.

In August, though, officials admitted that Russian-linked hackers had made a sophisticated cyberattack on the Pentagon’s unclassified email system — and the hacking attempts didn’t end there.

The Associated Press reports tonight that Russian-linked hackers this summer sent multiple malware-infected emails to Hillary Clinton’s unsecured, private server disguised as notices about outstanding traffic tickets in an attempt hack into her emails.

Most people took that news pretty seriously, but it only rated an “LOL” from The Daily Beast’s senior entertainment editor, who found the news entertaining at best.

Well, nothing else to see here. Why not click over to The Daily Beast for some entertainment updates, like “Honey Boo Boo’s WTF Music Video”? Now that’s news.

In the meantime, The Daily Beast might want to take this off the top of its front page — it’s not news.

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