It’s the last day of the month, and that means another dump of State Department emails, leaving reporters scrambling through stacks of often heavily (and occasionally completely) redacted correspondence.

Expect a lot of attention to be paid to Hillary Clinton’s iPad this time around. As Twitchy noted, Judicial Watch reported that the State Department rejected for security reasons Clinton’s repeated requests to carry an iPad. However, an email from a previous dump showed that Clinton called it “exciting news” when she was informed her new iPad (the “hPad”) had arrived. So much for Clinton’s claim that she only carried one device out of convenience.

Further complicating matters is an interview this week with CNN’s Jake Tapper during which Clinton campaign senior adviser and spokeswoman Karen Finney explained that Clinton did not have her iPad when she set up her private email server, and that she wasn’t using her iPad for email.

As a Christmas present? In June? Not according to the emails released.

Phil Kerpen, president of American Commitment, has found a couple of emails in today’s batch that emphasize why the State Department didn’t approve Clinton’s request for an iPad.

Was it at least locked in a desk drawer? If it was, why wouldn’t we be surprised if a follow-up email revealed where the key to the desk was hidden and maybe the alarm code to the house as well? Also disturbing is the number of “Did you receive this?” “Get this?” and “Did u mean to send to me?” emails we’ve seen, in both this and previous email dumps.

Looks like others wanted their own iPads too.

Tight ship you had there, Madam Secretary.