The newly fun and spontaneous Hillary Clinton hosted a Facebook Q&A Monday, during which she answered pressing questions such as, “Are you a pumpkin spice latte kind of gal?” Clinton answered that she used to be until she found out how many calories are in them, which she followed with her official online signature, “-H.”

Mediaite notes that the exchange between the questioner and Clinton — who confirmed on “Face the Nation” that she is a real person — was reported on by The Washington Post, The Hill, Fox News, The New York Daily News, TIME, and Reuters. What they didn’t note is that Clarie Celsi, who posed the question, worked on the Clinton campaign in 2008 as a precinct captain.

OK, that’s not much of a scandal, especially as far as Clinton is concerned. But it’s not very spontaneous either.


We’d heard the interns who work for her work for free coffee. In any case, spontaneous or planted, it was a gutsy call.