As Twitchy reported, Ahmed Mohamed, the now world-famous Clock Kid of Irving, Texas, was at the U.N. recently, where he was greeted by (and took a selfie with) Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu. The Dallas Morning News reports that Mohamed is now taking his act on a global scale, flying to Qatar with his family for a tour of the country’s ‘Education City,’ hosted by the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development.

Those who have had enough of this story? This is where you get off.

Ahmed and his family were due to return to Texas from their national tour today, and the Morning News reports that a Dallas public relations firm that has been hoping to sign Ahmed planned to pick up the family in a limousine when they flew in from New York. The invitation to Qatar was too much to resist, though, and Ahmed will be shown the country’s pride and joy: a 5-square-mile block of universities, research labs and Radio Shacks.

Eventually the teen hopes to recover his famous clock and take up President Obama on his invitation to the White House.

Jealous? More like racist.

One question, though. The novelty of the whole “cool clock” thing has kind of blown over. What will world-famous inventor Ahmed Mohamed build next?