Carly Fiorina, along with other Republican presidential candidates, has said that on her first day on the job she would call Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “to reassure him that the U.S. will always stand with Israel.”

That call would probably be especially welcome after today, when President Obama addressed the United Nations General Assembly and dropped any mention of Israel from his speech, much as educational publishers have omitted Israel from maps and textbooks for certain markets that prefer the world that way.

Take that, Bibi.

Perhaps with the Iran nuclear deal now in place, there’s no reason to express concern or support for Israel anymore. The real problem at hand, as President Obama explained, isn’t the safety of Israel but rather the fact that “chanting ‘Death to America’ does not create jobs or make Iran more secure.”

Speaking of danger, the White House tweeted President Obama’s particularly poignant observation that no nation can insulate itself from terrorism — or worse.