Unease. Frustration. These are just two of the words state legislators themselves use in today’s press release to describe Common Core implementation in New York State. The obvious problem with Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s tweet above is that parents and teachers don’t have faith in Common Core standards. It’s likely too late to change the minds of those who have personally experienced the Common Core curriculum (and the tears that occasionally come with it). So what’s the next step for a politician trying to sell the public something it doesn’t want? A task force!

As part of the launch announcement, Cuomo’s office has released a video in which he admits that Common Core has left students, teachers, administrators, and parents nationwide “confused and anxious” and adds that “the evidence of failure is everywhere.”

Cuomo quotes his father as saying that “there are a lot of good ideas – the key is making them work,” adding that “the implementation of Common Core just did not work.” What the task force will do is design a “total reboot” of the educational standards rather than scrap them.