It’s no secret that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is both a Catholic and a fully owned subsidiary of Planned Parenthood, which makes it no surprise that Cecile Richards retweeted this bit of her wisdom.

Seriously, now. Pelosi is as pro-abortion as they come, so why not just say it, rather than make up some nonsense that Republicans are conducting a war on “women’s health”?

Pope Francis is no longer in earshot, and it wouldn’t matter anyway. Following the Pope’s address to the House of Representatives, Pelosi said she realized “there are those who want to express themselves as opposed to respect for women’s health,” but the Pope’s speech was a reminder that government had a “higher responsibility” to “get the job done for the American people.”

What job is that? For one, fight air pollution — as the Pope put it — or what the hipsters call climate change. As for his very clear words on the sanctity of human life, Pelosi contended that the Pope “left plenty of room” for personal interpretation.