Before letting the story of Ahmed Mohamed and his infamous homemade clock go by the wayside, Ace decided to write a column over at Ace of Spades HQ which reconsiders the story of the boy genius who was profiled by police and taken away in handcuffs for being a Muslim. As Twitchy reported, the #IStandWithAhmed hashtag topped Twitter lists around the world, and people reacted with disgust to the photo of a skinny 14-year-old in a NASA T-shirt in handcuffs.

The story of a homemade clock that managed to panic teachers at Mohamed’s school has since been the subject of quite a few amendments, writes Ace:

The series of disclosures — that Ahmad did not “invent” a clock, but merely took a Radio Shack clock out of its casing and stuck it in a pencil box; that his sister had been previously suspended for allegedly threatening to blow up the school; that his sister was feeding him his lines when he spoke to Mark Cuban; that the family is collecting money to sue; that Ahmad’s dad is a committed activist: that Irving’s mayor has been targeted by Muslim activists for rejecting Sharia — all of these disclosures are, taken together, suggesting this was a deliberate stunt, a provocation intended to trick the very gullible and leftwing and America-hating into adding their support to The Cause.

Frequent Fox News contributor Judge Andrew Napolitano looked at the potential of the “clock” being a deliberate hoax.

Add The Federalist to the growing list of skeptics willing the question the motive behind Mohamed’s “cool clock.” Daniel Payne examines “6 Unanswered Questions About Ahmed Mohamed’s Clock.” Payne writes, “it’s actually reasonable and even necessary to be a bit skeptical of extraordinary stories such as this. You don’t have to have a vendetta against Ahmed to want the full story on the table, and asking honest questions about such a remarkable news event doesn’t mean you’re out to ‘smear’ this young man.”

He also adds that, “after a jaunt to Mecca in Saudi Arabia,” Ahmed’s family hope to take up President Obama on his offer to visit him at the White House. Will Ahmed still be useful to the president by then, or will the profiling controversy have played itself out?

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