Judicial Watch is continuing its struggle to extract emails from the State Department using Freedom of Information Act requests, and though the process is creeping along, Judicial Watch announced today that it has received and released 50 emails from Huma Abedin’s address on Hillary Clinton’s own non-secure clintonemail.com server.

Judicial Watch alleges that Abedin “used the non-secure clintonemail.com server to discuss sensitive travel and operations security information that could have placed the personal security of Clinton and other government officials at risk, such as real-time location information while traveling abroad, and other hotel and travel arrangements.”

In one email, Abedin admits she’s on a packed train but can talk anyway:

I see call got moved to noon. We can talk right before then if you want. All shuttles were canceled this morning and I am sitting on a packed train so hard for me to talk but we can def do calls.

In another, her search for a suitable hotel in Vietnam includes an email exchange detailing the location of the suggested suite (shown in an attachment) and security features of the hotel.

Travel plans, flight times, hotel rooms, phone calls …

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