We learned earlier that Senator Barbara “Ma’am” Boxer hasn’t watched those “doctored” undercover videos showing organ harvesting at Planned Parenthood. Even though what they [the Center for Medical Progress, not Planned Parenthood] did in making the videos was “horrible,” Boxer has asked her staff to provide her summaries for some reason.

Tonight, Sen. Elizabeth Warren tweeted that she’s preparing to address the “horrifying” 20-week abortion ban bill.

#StopTheBans? The large, sugary drink bans? The bans on salt? The bans on smoking? The bans on “high capacity” magazines? No, the attempt to ban abortions five months after conception.

Her fans are behind her and the abortion industry.

New editorial policy: If you support late-term abortion, it’s OK to spell out the “H” word.

In light of the Planned Parenthood “I’m gonna basically crush below, I’m gonna crush above” videos, let’s check on some tweets that don’t encourage Warren to “tear them up.”