As Twitchy reported earlier this week, an assistant high school football coach was unsure if he still had a job after the school district began an investigation into his post-game ritual of praying on the 50-yard-line after every game, win or lose.

Well, there’s good news and bad news for coach Joe Kennedy. The good news first:

The bad news: Kennedy’s post-game prayer, which he says he’s held for the past nine years, is now a post-game speech.

Earlier, the district had considered allowing the prayer as long as it was initiated by a student and not the coach. This seems to be the final compromise: prayer, bad; motivational speech, good.

The school district’s three-page explanation of its decision can be read in full here.

In the meantime, check out the “prayer vigil” they’re having for Ahmed Mohamed, reportedly on the grounds of MacArthur High School. Atheists should start objecting vociferously any minute now.

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High school football coach ‘under investigation’ for praying on field after games

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