The photograph of police leading 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed out of his school in handcuffs after his homemade clock caused a bomb scare certainly looks like an ugly overreaction. Then again, photos of the “clock” in question were ugly as well. This isn’t something to hang on your wall.

As many have observed, Mohamed might have been invited by the president himself to bring his invention to the White House, but there’s no way the Secret Service wouldn’t have a very close look at his “cool” clock before it got anywhere near the president.

The president’s security is taken very seriously. What, you didn’t hear about yesterday’s bomb scare in Washington, D.C. that put the White House on lockdown?

Fox News host Todd Starnes has reflected on the controversy and come away with an important lesson.

And be ready to be called Islamophobic. Is it worth it?

“Had it been a white kid, no one would have blinked,” insisted Sally Kohn, before being reminded of the non-Muslim child suspended from school for biting his Pop-Tart into the shape of a gun.

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