An assistant football coach at Bremerton High School in Washington is reportedly under investigation for his ritual of praying on the 50-yard-line after each game.

King 5 News in Seattle reports that Joe Kennedy is currently the subject of an “ongoing investigation” into his post-game activities. Kennedy says that sometimes he’s alone, and other times students join him. District policy states that “school staff shall neither encourage nor discourage” students from praying.

The school district will not comment on the investigation, but as of now, Kennedy is still coaching.

In the meantime, a “Support Joe Kennedy” event has been set up on Facebook for this Friday.

Kennedy yesterday passed on a message that was posted to the Support Joe Kennedy page:

The truth is:
1. Told that I couldn’t lead the prayer.
2. I asked what they would do if I did.
3. They said ” they will fire you ”
4. I prayed.
5. Now I am waiting to hear from the school tomorrow.

As of today, I have not been fired.

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