New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s first deputy counsel, Carey Gabay, was shot in the head early this morning during preparations for New York City’s West Indian Day Parade.

ABC 7 reports that Gabay was not a target but rather an unfortunate bystander.

According to police, Gabay appears to be “an unintended target.” He was caught in the crossfire of two suspected gang groups. He ducked behind a parked car but was struck in the top of on the head. A semiautomatic weapon was recovered and 16 shell casings indicate two groups firing at each other.

He is in critical condition at Kings County Hospital.

Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said another shooting in the hours before the parade also appears to be gang related.

Gov. Cuomo issued a statement on the shooting via Twitter. Here’s a segment.

Carey is a friend to all who have the pleasure of meeting him. I ask that New Yorkers join us by keeping him, his wife Trenelle and his family in their prayers at this time.

This tragic shooting – this one by another seemingly random bullet – is the latest heartbreaking reminder that the crime of gun violence must stop. Enough young, innocent people have died, and it must stop now.

While Cuomo did ask for prayers, he also made the choice to bring the issue of gun violence into the conversation. In January, Cuomo signed the SAFE Act, which prohibits semiautomatic pistols and rifles “with detachable magazines and one military-style feature, as well as semiautomatic shotguns with one military-style feature.”

The annual parade does not have the best reputation for safety.

Two others were shot before the pre-parade festivities kicked off at 4 a.m., and one man died of a stab wound to the torso.