It was spring when Chipotle announced it was officially “G-M-Over It” and would be the first national food chain to go 100 percent GMO-free.

A cry of joy rose up across the land, with the exception of those anti-science folks clinging to their Bibles and guns.

Today, Chuck DeVore, former California assemblyman and current vice president of the Texas Public Policy Foundation, happened across, an initiative of the pro-consumer choice Center for Consumer Freedom, and found himself in a tangle with @ChipotleTweets.

What? They opposed Nanny Bloomberg’s “arbitrary and capricious” large drink ban in New York City? Where do we donate?

No basis? Are you seriously going to question the scientific expertise of Charlie Sheen and Bette Midler?

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Talk about ‘anti-science’! Chipotle’s ‘GMO-free’ crusade is refried B.S.