As we find ourselves reporting more and more on the murder of law enforcement officers, such as the senseless execution-style shooting of Deputy Darren Goforth as he refueled his cruiser and the slaying of Army veteran and youth volunteer Lt. Joe Gliniewicz during a routine traffic stop, it becomes more and more difficult to accept this “strange and twisted time” in which we live.

Yesterday, Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton of the Waco, Texas Police Department posted an eloquent note to the department’s Facebook page which gives voice to a group who are often limited to saying that something is “under investigation.”

Here’s the post in full:

Two more died in America today. One in our own state. But know this … This afternoon, tonight, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year and always, we’ll go back out there and defend you, our citizens, with our lives.

We didn’t choose this career for the money and we sure don’t do it for the glory! We do it because we are you….We are your brothers, we are your sisters, we are your sons and daughters, we are your moms and dads and we are your neighbors and friends. You are our life blood and we yours. We will protect you! Yes, even with our own lives if necessary.

These are terrible times in law enforcement. Worse I’ve seen in thirty-five years, but we know there is more good than evil. We know the majority stand beside us and will not accept what is happening in a strange and twisted time.

I for one am proud to be in Law Enforcement and proud to be one of your cops! Thank you to our citizens that in this year when we have needed you, you have been there in words, cards, letters, the anonymous bought lunches, cookies brought to the station and most importantly the hugs, hand shakes and telling us “thank you for what you do”. Those gestures [are] so very appreciated, yes even by the calloused, veteran cops who truly have “Seen it all”.

As for what the Thin Blue Line means to us. It means this. We will always be there to try and stop the wolf at your door.

We are not perfect, we are not infallible, and sometimes we flat out fail, but 99.9% of us are good of heart and believe in our duties and commitments we have to you. Stay strong Law Enforcement across our great country, as we have no other option but to prevail.

W. Patrick Swanton

The majority do stand by law enforcement. Preparations are underway for a vigil for Lt. Gliniewicz tonight.