“EVERYBODY has marijuana in their system,” tweeted Morehouse College professor Marc Lamont Hill in July. Hill walked backed his assertion a bit, explaining that he was simply tired of “marijuana in the system” being used as an excuse for state violence, i.e., police brutality. Stop blaming the drugs, OK?

When unarmed teen Christian Taylor was shot by police in Arlington, Texas, in August, the AP headline read, “Trainee officer shoots unarmed college football player.” That trainee officer, Brad Miller, was subsequently fired by the police force, and the Tarrant County district attorney has said it will bring a case against him to a grand jury.

An update on Taylor published today by Fox News adds that Taylor “had recently developed a zeal for his Christian faith” and “had biblical verses, an angel and a cross tattooed on his body.” He also reportedly had both marijuana and “a synthetic psychedelic drug” that caused hallucinations in his system when he broke into a car lot and started walking around erratically.

Taylor’s shooting was not caught on surveillance video, but the autopsy does help explain why he was seen on video wandering around a closed car lot, jumping on a car’s hood, breaking out the windshield and then driving his own vehicle though the plate glass showroom window.


Is is OK now if we talk about drugs in the system?

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