It’s the last day of the month, which calls for another dump of State Department emails from Hillary Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state.

Anyone who’s curious and has a lot of time to kill is welcome to view the emails at the State Department’s Freedom of Information Act site. The information might be free, but most of it is highly redacted.

Truly juicy tidbits are difficult to come upon, though reporters are finding them.


At least we know that David Axelrod kept busy.

Speaking of reporters, apparently David Brooks took a shot a Clinton in one of his columns, which prompted the idea of holding off-the-record sessions with “influencers” like Brooks to help them “figure out” how things work at State.

Like look up the air times for “Parks and Recreation” and “The Good Wife”?

There is plenty of discussion of work in there as well.

HRC University, anyone?

And here’s a real winner: If you’re using a non-standard email address on a private email server, the techs at IT will not be able to help you.